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Welcome to Vision Therapy Associates of Westfield

Vision Therapy Associates is a premiere vision therapy practice located in New Jersey. Our practice is dedicated to providing excellence in patient care. Our doctor is a leader in clinical eye care involving eye and vision disorders.

We look forward to meeting you and taking care of your vision therapy needs.

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Vision therapy is a sequence of therapy procedures that are individually prescribed and monitored by our doctor. Vision therapy is prescribed following a comprehensive evaluation of the visual system.

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Vision therapy integrates visual acuity and binocular function plus detailed brain function activities that collectively control thousands of components of our entire bodies coordinated actions.

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Vision therapy is administered as a combination of in-office visits combined with prescribed, daily, home-vision therapy procedures directed at practicing the newly learned visual skills.

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What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is a type of Physical Therapy. Like other forms of physical therapy, with vision therapy, optimum results require much more than visual acuity or binocular eye muscle control.

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Many symptoms associated with learning disabilities are similar to those caused by vision problems. This is why it's so important that a comprehensive vision examination be part of the evaluation.

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Who Can Benefit?

Children and adults with visual challenges such as Learning-related Vision Problems, Poor Binocular Coordination, Strabismus, Amblyopia, Stress-induced Visual Difficulties, and more.

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