Success Stories



After vision therapy I can read faster, without reading the same line over again. I got named most improved reader and most diligent worker in my class. Now I am not the last one done with my work in class.

-AH age 8 


A few months ago my granddaughter had very messy handwriting and never chose to do any close work. Vision therapy has made a huge difference! Her writing is very neat, her reading is very good and she loves to color and to copy words. Best of all to see is how her self-confidence and happiness have soared. She finishes her schoolwork quickly and correctly and the normal tasks of childhood are easy for her now!

-Grandmother of patient

                                    sucess stories

After vision therapy my handwriting is better, my drawing is better, and reading is easier! I like to read now!

-AL age 6 


Vision Therapy has helped my reading! Actually it has helped me so much in school.

-CS age 7

                                    sucess stories

I remember when I was in 2nd grade and my mom and dad did not know that I had an eye problem and they were upset that I would not read, even books for smaller kids. Now it is easier to read and I am not skipping lines like I used to or re-reading words. Maybe I will like reading this year in school!

-MP age 11


Vision Therapy helped my tracking, making it easier to read and copy off the board, and for doing word searches. My teacher says I am reading at a 3rd grade level now! This makes me happy!
-ES age 8


My daughter worked with Dr. Walker for 6 months and made dramatic improvements. Not only did her vision and tracking improve, but the results were very noticeable in the improvements with her schoolwork, across the board in all subjects. Dr. Walker exhibits a very positive attitude and works well with her patients. I believe one of the keys to my daughters success was the attention to detail that Dr. Walker showed and her enthusiasm to make each therapy session fun and interesting. I know that my daughter truly enjoyed visiting each week and was anxious to complete her homework assignments to be proud and show Dr. Walker that she was working hard each week. I would highly recommend Dr. Walker and her team for any child that needs vision therapy.

-Father of patient